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With its vibrant culture, rich history, exquisitely preserved architecture, idyllic coastal location, celebrated dining scene and friendly locals, Charleston is one of America’s best loved travel destinations. Come, experience what’s new in the Charleston area this fall!

Charleston’s city is said to have been a gift to King Charles II of England’s loyal followers in the early seventeenth century. King Charles II’s pious followers had a vision of ‘Charles Town’, a royal port town named after the King and just within a few days, colonists from all across Europe started flocking to this town. However, Charles Town was under a lot of disturbances and was frequently attacked. Pirates laid siege to the city, and a lot of other uprisings followed.

Charleston's History

Despite facing a lot of ups and downs, the city of Charleston still bears its old charm. This city survived invasions, wars, hurricanes and a major earthquake, but still stands strong. The numerous historical sites hold immense significance even today, with some of them being taken over by some organizations for maintenance purposes, but the authenticity remains. Some of the sites look exactly how it looked back in the days.

It is recommended to get your feet ready for walking around the city to explore the historic and hidden gems that Charleston treasures.

The sophisticated architectures and pleasant plantations in Charleston are absolutely drool-worthy. The French Quarter has got impressive houses, some historical sites and various art galleries to see. You would spot beautiful southern churches throughout the ‘Holy City’ like Circular Congregational Church, the Baptist Church and the French Huguenots Church. Even if there are no historic sites left for you to visit, you would easily stumble upon enviable old-style mansions with window boxes springing up with vibrant flowers. There are some magnificent plantations and gardens in the city to marvel at, the best and most popular of them being Magnolia Plantation, Cypress Gardens and Boone Hall Plantation.

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Best Things to Do in Charleston

Fort Sumter

This historical site holds great importance in America’s history as it houses the first shots of the civil war, which took place at 4:30 AM on the 12th of April, 1861. Fort Sumter can be easily spotted, across the harbour from the Battery and Waterfront Park and is accessible only via water. Ferries run shuttle trips back and forth.

Charles Town Landing

This historical site will give you an essence of how it all began in the city of Charleston. Located just a short drive from Downtown, Charles Towne Landing is the first permanent European settlement in the Carolinas. It makes for a fun exploration site off-peninsula for people of all age groups and will surely teleport you to the past.

The Charleston Museum

Often referred to as the oldest museum in America; The Charleston Museum was founded back in 1773. Located across the street from the Charleston Visitor Center, its exhibits tell the story of the Native Americans, who were the first ones to inhibit the country. History buffs can check out the rare collections and young visitors can enjoy KidStory, an interactive space designed.

Old Slave Mart Museum

The Old Slave Mart Museum is a vestige of the domestic slave-trading system that prevailed in Charleston city. This Museum contains all the information you need to know about the city’s role in the slave trade after the international slave-trading system ban. Slave auctions that took place at this mart ended in 1863 after which it was acquired by Charleston city in 1988.

Charleston City Market

This market is the nation’s oldest public markets and is on the to-do list of everyone who visits this city. It was built back in 1841 and stood out because of its greek revival style and architecture. Currently, it houses more than 300 entrepreneurs. This market is open to the public throughout the year except for Christmas day. It is a great place to spend time and shop for souvenirs for family and friends.

McLeod Plantation

Founded in 1851, this plantation bears the history of America’s most significant times. McLeod Plantation marks an important historical significance site and is preserved to protect its cultural and historical past. At this plantation, you can enjoy the beauty of McLeod Oak, which is more than 600 years old, a riverside pavilion and an oak alley.

Nathaniel Russell House Museum

This museum is a national historic landmark, which took over 5 years to get built with graceful interiors and elaborate and intricate artworks. This lavish architectural marvel speaks for the wealth of Charleston’s elite in the early days.