Who are we?
Here's the story

Retirement is a great time to challenge yourself as you move into the next season of life. After a lifetime of making a living, it’s wonderful to slow down, reevaluate and look for opportunities to still be of service. In doing so, we both knew the next phase had to focus on having fun first and making a living second.   

Randy called and said let’s start a tour company, I responded “as long as its fun, I don’t want a job”  and he replied, “I agree, let’s have some fun”.  So here we are starting a travel company that will provide a high level of service and value to others.  In this fast-paced world it’s nice just to sit back look at the scenery,  enjoy life and if you take us along, we will do all the driving and planning … as long as it’s fun!  

What do we do?

We value low hassle adventures and understand you do too. That’s why we create different packages that offer day trips to local museums, parks and communities that are worth visiting. We schedule the transportation, meals and the agenda so all you have to do is click Book then enjoy your trip!  It’s never too late to travel and make more memories!

Other services include Trip Customization, tell us where you want to go, when, how many, and what you want to do and we can make it happen. Or just need transportation and a driver, give us a call.   Your journey does begin with us!


Our goal is to turn tourists into travelers by sharing experiences and growing relationships.